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My Porsche Story ~ By Bruce Morgan

I have loved the shape of the Porsche 928 since I saw the pictures that inspired me to go look at one in the showroom in Anchorage. The pricetag locked up the brakes at that time. When I went to college in 1984, I thought about a 944, but settled for a VW Golf GTi. It wasn't until 2010 when my brother asked me if I wanted one of seven or eight that he had bought, fixed up to every day driver status and matched with a new caretaker. I picked out a 1988 S4 and my brother, Gerry, drove it to Alaska.

I had suspension components changed out by German Steel (Greg Sykes), as well as the top end refresh in 2017. I drove it during the summers and put it in the garage for the winters. I met Mike Holtzclaw and started going to autox sporadically. I did drive 20k miles from June 2010 through June 2018, north to Hatcher Pass and south to Soldotna in search of winding, sojournistic paths. I would take my camera along and shoot anything but the car, now that I think about it! I would just enjoy the freedom and oneness with the machine. I thought about making the machine perfect again; but the lack of funds moved the priority of that down the list. The machine doesn' seem to mind. It might release a gremlin every now and then to focus my attention, but it definetly prefers to be on the road instead of in the garage!

I blame Mike for the idea of driving to Porsche Parade 2018. The idea grew until I finally found myself behind the wheel, heading to Missouri. We returned to Anchorage after 23 days, extending our adventure as far south as Austin, TX ( for a barbecue tour) and a visit to a favorite uncle ( a WWII Flight Engineer/ top turret gunner on B-17s) in Michigan. Sustained speeds over 80 mph, scenery, 100+ degree temps, a deer and minor (?) brake problems. 11,750 miles and the 31 year old machine NEVER skipped a beat, I felt young again! I am also astounded by the engineering Porsche put into the machine to bring it to life!


October 2018 Panorama with the full story of Bruce's Parade Adventure! Members can access the full article HERE

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