Upcoming Events

For more information about our events please contact info@porschealaska.org

Stay Tuned for Information on:
Year End Awards Gathering
Charity Drive
Holiday Party
(Dec 4th tentative date)

November Monthly Meeting
November 11th 6pm at Seward''s Folly
1811 Abbott Rd. 99507, the phone # it is-(907)222-1218.  Reservations are under "Porsche Club" This location was recommended by one of our members, as they have enjoyed meals here and they have a decent menu and pricing. Hope you can join us!  We will kick off our Food Drive at this meeting, all donations are to benefit Kids Kitchen and Alaska Food Bank, please bring non-perishable items, plus we will also accept $ donations for both charities as well. 

Holiday Party
December 4th at Todd Held's Home
PCA will supply Beef and Chicken and attendees are asked to bring a side dish or dessert, this will be a BYOB party. Our annual White Elephant gift exchange will happen as well, these can get pretty funny!

Autocross Registration is 8:00-9:00 a.m. $40.00 for advanced online registration & payment. Or $45 for in person cash or check. Registration is per driver/car, snell 2010 or better helmet is required, we have a few loaners. Everyone is required to sign the liability waiver, including spectators.

Pre-register and save! Registration link HERE

Interested in iRacing? Select below for more information.


Learn more about iRacing with Tech Tactics

Food Drive
December 19th at Chugiak Three Bears from 11am to 3pm
club volunteers will man the barrels to accept the generous donations. The donations are to benefit Kids Kitchen and Alaska Food Bank, we will also accept $ donations for both as well.

Autocross Events
Come out and test your driving abilities against the clock on a closed course - non-members welcome

Want to find the "limits" of your car and enjoy a little friendly competition? These performance driving events are a safe, low speed way to have fun with your daily driver.


For more information, rules and car classifications please visit https://www.pca.org/autocross

Patty McNeff Fun Day

Try Autocrossing!

We hold a non competitive fun day in Patty's memory each year to give people a chance to see what it is like to run a simple course with no pressure. We also grill burgers and serve up a few simple side dishes with beverages for everyone to enjoy, all at no cost to participants. Bring your lawn chairs and come have fun and hang out with us!

Road Trips and Social Events

Throughout the summer months we host drives throughout the state and even some overnight adventures!

Come socialize with other car enthusiasts! Check our Website Schedule on the events page, or Facebook for upcoming events.


You can also email arcticporsche@gmail.com for details or to help plan an event!

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Porsche Row.jpg
Car Shows and Parades

We love to show off our cars!

Car shows and parades happen throughout the year (even in the winter months)  and vehicles range from classics to daily drivers!

We participate in most of the major Parades in Anchorage, as well as car shows such as the Jay Ofsthen Memorial Show n Shine on the Park Strip in August
928 Twin Turbo
928 Power Plant
Immaculate Speedster
More Porsches'
Porsche Row
Jay O Memorial 2016
Jay O Memorial 2016 1
2016 FR parade 3
95 FR parade
73106 Air Cooled Family Reunion Porsche's
95 FR parade 2
PCA Alaska group, Parade 2016 attendees and hardware!
2017 Porsche Parade
2017 Porsche Parade
Mike & Teri Rad 85 Carrera at 2010 Porsche Parade
Graham and Susan at Parade
Presentation of Oosiks to PCA of America-Manny Alban and then Zone 11 Rep. Aaron Ambrosino at 2014 P
Jamie Benard's 1st place AX trophy 2015 PCA parade in French Lick Indiana
Website award.jpg
National Events
Members from the Alaska Region attend events all over the United States! Whether you drive or fly down our members always have a great time representing Alaska.

Most years a group of Alaskans brave the AlCan Highway to attend the Porsche Parade. Parade is PCA's annual weeklong event where thousands of members descend upon a new location every year to explore their Porsches, participate in driving tours, as well as other events such as autocross, concourse, time-speed-distance and gimmick rallies and more! Kids are welcome too!


Our snow bird members can be found at other National Events as well. Check out the National Event page here, or attend one of our meetings to learn more.

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Mike & Jammer's Excellent Adventure - 2011 Porsche Parade

Social Events
We have multiple social events throughout the year. Come to one of our meetings to learn more!
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Dinner & Drive
2007 road trip to Seward - Snuffy towing a boat!!
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