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Celebrating over 50 years as a Region of the Porsche Club of America!

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Our History 

A Tribute to Graham Becket


Before we became a region of PCA, Porsche owners in Alaska in the 1960’s formed the Porsche Club of Alaska. One of those members was Graham Becket. In late 1970, through a committee that was formed by the members of the Alaska club headed by Graham, they applied to PCA to become a fully chartered member of PCA which was signed in January of 1971. Graham was instrumental in the administrative work of being granted as a charter region of PCA, and the region owes him our deepest gratitude for making it happen. Graham was our last surviving charter member until his passing in late 2023. He served in every capacity for the club and was a trusted advisor through those years. Graham always said, “Once a Porsche club member, always a Porsche club member.” His experience and friendship will be missed by all who knew him.

Our Board

Todd Held President  

Todd Started his adult life in the US Army as an aircraft mechanic. A vocation he continued until entering into real estate at age 31. Having grown up around British sports cars, he restored a few MGB’s. One year, he decided to buy his wife a little red sports car for Mother’s Day. A 1988 Porsche 944. Having sold all his British projects, he surmised that the family should have a second Porsche. Seeing an ad for a 356, he thought, “A German version of an MGB”. Upon viewing the car, he made an offer and the seller laughed. He was only off by $40,000. The seller did have a 1982 Targa SC that was in Todd’s budget. So the next day his love affair with 911’s began. Since then, he has owned a second ’82 Targa, a 2005 Cayenne Turbo, a 1998 Boxster, and currently owns a 2001 996 C4, 1989 928 S4, and a 2010 Cayenne S. The club is like a family to him and has been the source of many great friendships. His other hobbies are flying and boating.


Bruce Morgan
Vice President 

I was mesmerized the first time I saw a picture of a 928. I Had to see one. The car was fast standing still! The time to purchase one passed me by until my brother asked me if I wanted one of his in 2010. He drove it to Alaska and I became a Caretaker of a 1988 S4. I was reminded of my earlier thoughts about the car and wanted to take it on an adventure. My opportunity arrived in July 2018. I drove nearly 12,000 miles in 23 days, driving down the Alcan Highway to Porsche Parade, then to Texas for a barbecue crawl. I then drove up to Michigan to visit family before heading back to Alaska. The car was awesome! It did everything I asked of it, despite a deer encounter in Canada, and a slightly problematic episode concerning brake pads. I had zero problems driving the car from one fill up to the next: the seat was comfortable, the roads were smoothed out, the air conditioning kept me cool in above 100° temperatures, and I had a cooler with enough REAL Pepsi to get me to the next gas stop. Not bad for a 30 year old car and a 61 year old driver. Not too many people can do that these days. The perfect car for driving on a tour!

Ann 4.0.jpg

Ann Jasper Secretary

My introduction to Porsche was watching my husband Tim go through the process of designing & having our 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo built. We took delivery at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta on February 10, 2021! Our passion for long road trips, discovering new places, new friends & living the dream as part of the Porsche world. Being a member of our PCA Alaska Region and now serving on the board allows me to give back to our community.


Cody Holland Treasurer

Codys love for cars began early like many others, from hotwheels to racing games growing up there were always cars involved in one way or another, including his first two cars that had several "improvements" made while they were exposed to him. Cody went to technical school and was a technician at BMW prior to his most recent position at our local Porsche/Audi/VW dealership where he has been almost ten years, Cody got his first Porsche, a 2007 Cayman S in October 2021 which was an immediate bond and has been the autocross race car ever since, getting 1st place overall for his rookie season in the respective race class. Since then, two more cars have been added to the garage, a 1971 911S Targa project, and a 1975 911S coupe. Alongside autocross Cody enjoys anything out doors and spends as much time outside as possible hiking, biking, wrenching, and whatever other adventure presents itself!


Jim McNeff "McNurd"

Jim always had a spot in his heart for Porsche’s at an early age, dreamed of owning a Porsche for any years. After moving to Alaska in 1989, Jim bought his first Porsche in 1995, a 1973 914 1.7lt and became a member soon after that and has been an active member ever since, serving in every spot on the board and as numerous chairs for the club. “SNUFFY” his 914 has seen much of the Alaskan roads in many club and non-club events. (read about SNUFFY in My Porsche Story in our web site) After retiring from the military in 1999, SNUFFY got some TLC in keeping up with the roads of Alaska. In 2014, he decided that SNUFFY needed a big brother in the garage and bought a 1988 944 Turbo S, “SCRAT” Two Porsche’s are better than one as his late wife, Patti said one day. Now that he has retired from State of Alaska employment, it is time for SCRAT to get some TLC. Jim’s other interests are boating, fishing, snowmobiling, and turning a wrench or two on the fleet of cars and snowmobiles. Dilly Dilly.


James Benard
Past President

James has always had a passion for the Porsche 911. In high school he saved up enough money to buy his first car and it was about as far away from and Porsche as you could get, It was German though. It was a 1965 Beetle. He worked on it and made it kind of fast but it was totaled and then came the Karman Giha which now hosted the engine he build for the bug! But the Porsche 911 was what he thought about the most. With marriage and raising a family, the Karman Giha became a past memory. In 2010 he bought a Subaru WRX and with it came with an SCCA membership! What better to use a WRX for? Auto Cross. He started racing with the AKPCA and the temptation was too great. He purchased a 996 C4 Cab on the internet! His wife Tracy and him flew from Alaska to Phoenix and drove the car up the pacific highway from Lower Cali to Washington. He started driving it to the Porsche Parade and loves to driving a Porsche on the ALCAN! Currently Past President of the Alaska Region he served as the VP and Safety Chair for the club, and manages the timing for all of the PCA Auto crosses. Currently he has a 1974 914, 1982 911 SC Targa and a 2006 911 C4S. Tracy also got the Porsche bug and purchased a 2006 Cayenne S Titanium edition and a 2020 Porsche Macan S.


Faith Hamilton Webmaster

Once described as a relentless competitor, Faith has season championships in Dragracing, Autocrossing, and Road Racing in Alaska. A car enthusiast in general, she started autocrossing with the Alaska Region PCA in the mid-90’s. Webmaster for the club since 2015, her websites have won us 4 national awards with PCA. And in 2023 she was honored to receive the Terry Bowden Award for her commitment to the club. Her current car collection does not contain a P-Car, but that will soon change with both a 914 and Macan S in her sights…

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