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Celebrating 51 years as a Region of the Porsche Club of America!

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Our Board

James Benard

James has always had a passion for the Porsche 911. In high school he saved up enough money to buy his first car and it was about as far away from and Porsche as you could get, It was German though. It was a 1965 Beetle. He worked on it and made it kind of fast, but it was totaled and then came the Karman Giha which now hosted the engine he build for the bug! But the Porsche 911 was what he thought about the most. With marriage and raising a family, the Karman Giha became a past memory. In 2010 he bought a Subaru WRX and with it came with an SCCA membership! What better to use a WRX for? Auto Cross. He started racing with the AKPCA and the temptation was too great. He purchased a 996 C4 Cab on the internet! His wife Tracy and him flew from Alaska to Phoenix and drove the car up the pacific highway from Lower Cali to Washington. He started driving it to the Porsche Parade and loves to driving a Porsche on the ALCAN! Currently President of the Alaska Region, he has served as the VP and Safety Chair for the club, and manages the timing for all of the PCA Auto crosses. Currently, he has a 1974 914, 1982 911 SC Targa and a 2006 911 C4S. Tracy also got the Porsche bug and purchased a 2006 Cayenne S Titanium edition. He hopes to grow the club and expand the events the club does event into the winter months.

Todd Held
Vice President &

Todd Started his adult life in the US Army as an aircraft mechanic. A vocation he continued until entering into real estate at age 31. Having grown up around British sports cars, he restored a few MGB’s. One year, he decided to buy his wife a little red sports car for Mother’s Day. A 1988 Porsche 944. Having sold all his British projects, he surmised that the family should have a second Porsche. Seeing an ad for a 356, he thought, “A German version of an MGB”. Upon viewing the car, he made an offer and the seller laughed. He was only off by $40,000. The seller did have a 1982 Targa SC that was in Todd’s budget. So the next day his love affair with 911’s began. Since then, he has owned a second ’82 Targa, a 2005 Cayenne Turbo, a 1998 Boxster, and currently owns a 2001 996 C4, 1989 928 S4, and a 2010 Cayenne S. The club is like a family to him and has been the source of many great friendships. His other hobbies are flying and boating.


Tim Vig

Tim was bitten by the Porsche bug as a youngster when he was given a ride to elementary school in an early 911. Although it would be quite a few years before he bought his first Porsche, the sound and feeling of riding in a sports car (even in the back seat) was something he never forgot. He bought his first Porsche in 1995 (a 1974 914) and enjoyed driving it for several years, before upgrading in 2007 to a 2002 996 Targa, and later added a 2016 Cayenne GTS. He still enjoys the driving experience in his Targa, and being an engineer, Tim appreciates the design and execution of his 996. His only regret is waiting so long to own one! Tim has served as Treasurer of the Alaska Region for the past few years. He looks forward to participating in as many region-sponsored events with his wife Tammy as he can fit in his schedule. Participating in club events has led to meeting a lot of interesting people and making many new friends!

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