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February 10th is PCA Parade registration time!

This year French Lick Indiana is the destination and Phase 1 registration is on the 10th at 8 am AK time to register for Parade and select hotel rooms. The Hotels there are really nice and one has a water park which is very close, you can see it just up the hill. The main hotel has a Casino attached to it and the most beautiful banquet room as well.   Phase 2 starts on April17 and this is to select your Banquet meals, tours and events. I did this drive 6 years ago to attend and it was a lovely drive, Luckily Teri was able to ride with me both to Parade and back home, it was a great 3 weeks!  Hoping as many as possible of our AK PCA members are able to drive or fly to attend this Parade as well. We were able to drive on Indy Raceway which was a really fun event, plus be sure to have your go-pro ready! There are smooth country roads to take drives on, once in a while you may come upon a horse and buggy being used for travel by a family, all the area is very serene and lots of beautiful scenery to enjoy. The dates for 2021 PCA Parade are July 7th through 17th more info as time gets closer on PCA.org.

Autocross Results

Autocross Events
Come out and test your driving abilities against the clock on a closed course - non-members welcome

Registration is 8:00-9:00 a.m. $40.00 cash or check per driver/car, snell2005 or better helmet is required, we have a few loaners. Everyone is required to sign the liability waiver, including spectators.

Patty McNeff Fun Day

Try Autocrossing!

We hold a non competitive fun day in Patty's honor each year to give people a chance to see what it's like to run a simple course with no pressure. We also grill burgers and serve up a few simple side dishes and beverages for everyone to enjoy, all at no charge. Bring your lawn chairs and come have fun and hang out with us!

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Dinner & Drive
2007 road trip to Seward - Snuffy towing a boat!!
Photo Aug 01, 11 58 38 AM
Photo Aug 01, 9 56 52 AM
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PCA AK drive to Seward 2016 4
PCA AK drive to Seward 2016 6
PCA AK drive to Seward 2016 3
PCA AK drive to Seward 2016 1
with people
Road Trips
Join us for a drive in the the most scenic State!
Road Trips and Social Events
Join us for scenic drives and fun.



Mike & Jammer's Excellent Adventure - 2011 Porsche Parade

Valdez 2020 (below)
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Car Shows and Parades
We have fun showing off our cars!
928 Twin Turbo
928 Power Plant
Immaculate Speedster
More Porsches'
Porsche Row
Jay O Memorial 2016
Jay O Memorial 2016 1
2016 FR parade 3
95 FR parade
73106 Air Cooled Family Reunion Porsche's
95 FR parade 2
PCA Alaska group, Parade 2016 attendees and hardware!
2017 Porsche Parade
2017 Porsche Parade
Mike & Teri Rad 85 Carrera at 2010 Porsche Parade
Graham and Susan at Parade
Presentation of Oosiks to PCA of America-Manny Alban and then Zone 11 Rep. Aaron Ambrosino at 2014 P
Jamie Benard's 1st place AX trophy 2015 PCA parade in French Lick Indiana
National Events
Parade is PCA's annual, weeklong event when thousands of members descend upon a new location every year to explore in their Porsches — often in Parade-organized driving tours — in addition to other events such as autocross, concours, time-speed-distance and gimmick rallies, banquets, regional-specific activities, and more. Bring the kids, too, as they'll be kept busy with activities including model Porsche concours, RC car racing, and ice-cream socials (well, adults can join in the ice-cream, too).
Supporting our Community
Our local club participates in the Adopt A Highway program, Hospice Remembrance Tree, and Make a Wish.
Adopt a highway trash pickup Al Biss & children, Mike and I & Scott Robbins Fall of 2016
July adopt 7
July adopt 5
July adopt 3
July adopt 2
Adopt a highway trash pickup Al Biss & children, Mike and I & Scott Robbins Fall of 2016 3
Lauren's Premier
Lauren Riding in style
Social Events
We have multiple social events throughout the year. Come to one of our meetings to learn more!
Immaculate Speedster

At the 2017 Show and Shine on the Park Strip